Toddlers ages 13 months-24 months

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Tender Turtles:

The year of exploration has now begun. Typically, one year olds are beginning to walk and explore a whole new world. With a safe enviorment our new toddlers are able to grow and learn together. Our program offers learning opportunities for social, verbal and independent development. We have circle time that help develop social skills by creating a structured time to  using sign language and English words into our everyday tasks increases vocabulary and helps with verbal skills.

Just like the infants; each child in the Tender Turtles has a daily sheet that acts as a written dialogue between the center and the families. The daily sheet documents feedings, diaper changes, naps, activities explored, and the general mood of each child. In addition to daily forms of communication, we offer parent/teacher conferences once a year in the spring. Finally, we encourage you to visit or call us anytime. Our partnership with you is paramount to creating a positive experience for your child.

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