School Age: Kindergarten-12 years old

School Age: (Kindergarten-12 years)

We offer a developmentally appropriate environment daily with the children’s interest in mind. A quiet work area is designated at all times for children who wish to do homework and our teachers are always available to help as needed. Curriculum components include but not limited to the following:

  • Literacy
  • Crafts and Music
  • Games
  • Service learning
  • Homework and academic support
  • Science and discovery
  • Learning centers
  • Field trips

Some of our school age program goals are:

  1. To establish an atmosphere of respect for self and others.
  1. To help children develop self control and clear understanding of the expectation in our environment.
  1. To provide an environment where the children will develop an enthusiasm for continued learning
  1. To provide children with appropriate alternatives to dealing with aggression.
  1. To provide an opportunity to become independent and responsible through self directed and individualized activities.


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