Infants: 6 weeks-12 months

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Cuddlebugs: (Ages 6 weeks- 12 months)

The goal of our infant/toddler program is to care and nurture each child while developing a trusting relationship with him/her and the family.

Our loving and nurturing staff takes the time to understand each child’s unique schedule to ensure that their physical and emotional needs are consistently and affectionately met.

Our classroom is surrounded with many stimulating objects and opportunities to explore and grow. We have a flexible daily scheduled that consists of interactive play, sensory experiences, singing, learning to relate to classmates, exploring the environment, rest times, naps, diapering, feeding, washing and comforting.  We believe that this type of schedule provides the children with a sense of security and order in their daily lives.

Also, each child has a daily sheet that acts as a written dialogue between the center and the families. The daily sheet documents feedings, diaper changes, naps, activities explored, and the general mood of each child. In addition to daily forms of communication, we offer parent/teacher conferences once a year in the spring. Finally, we encourage you to visit or call us anytime. Our partnership with you is paramount to creating a positive experience for your child.

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